Kentucky Pharmacy: Committed to Quality, Community, and Wellness

Kentucky Pharmacy: Committed to Quality, Community, and Wellness

Kentucky Pharmacy, a Kentucky State-Licensed Pharmacy, stands as a beacon of quality and community support. Partnered exclusively with the USA’s biggest wholesalers, such as McKesson, we bring you the best quality, most competitive, and affordable prescription and over-the-counter products and drugs right to your door with free delivery.

Our commitment to excellence is matched only by our dedication to community wellness. At the helm of Kentucky Pharmacy is our founder and pharmacist-in-charge, CEO Vy Truong. Vy is not only a seasoned professional in the pharmaceutical field but also a passionate advocate for mental wellness and physical health. She actively volunteers, communicates, and collaborates with other city leaders to foster a healthier, more informed community. Additionally, Vy Truong is in partnership with the Louisville Metro Office for Women (OFW).

The Louisville Metro Office for Women: A Partner in Progress

The Louisville Metro Office for Women (OFW), founded in 1991, envisions Louisville as a community where women and gender-diverse individuals can thrive, and gender equity is the norm. OFW raises the status of women and gender-diverse individuals by advancing gender equity through policy, programs, and education. They foster a culture of shared responsibility by building capacity and engagement on gender equity across Louisville Metro.

OFW focuses on four main strategic priorities:

  • Economic Empowerment: Increase the economic status of women and gender-diverse individuals; secure basic needs; break down barriers in the workplace, including raising awareness of pay equity, policies that support gender equity, promoting women in traditionally male-dominated fields; fund community initiatives that support gender equity, including investments in childcare.
  • Community Engagement: Train and engage Office for Women Ambassadors in programs, outreach, and advocacy to improve awareness and enhance services for women and gender-diverse individuals.
  • Gender Mainstreaming: Conduct training and increase the capacity of agencies on gender equity across Louisville Metro Government and Louisville.
  • Gender-Based Violence Prevention: Increase protective factors and decrease gender-based violence; support funding and initiatives focused on the prevention of gender-based violence; promote workplace campaigns on the prevention of gender-based violence and convene and train on the prevention of gender-based violence with a focus on marginalized groups.

Breakfast for Brilliance: A Community Initiative

We are excited to share an incredible opportunity to attend the “Breakfast for Brilliance” organized by the Center for Women and Families. This event focuses on raising awareness and supporting those affected by domestic violence.

Domestic violence remains an urgent issue in Kentucky and across the US. Did you know that 45% of women and 36% of men have experienced some form of domestic violence or sexual assault in Kentucky? It’s a staggering statistic that highlights the importance of events like this one.

The “Breakfast for Brilliance” aims to shed light on these critical issues, offering a platform for education, support, and community involvement. Our own CEO, Vy Truong, attended this event, gaining valuable insights and forging connections to better support our community. “Thank you, Gretchen M. Hunt, for the invitation. I had a chance to learn, understand, connect, and hopefully be able to help, support, and prevent domestic violence in our community,” Vy shared.

Making a Difference

At Kentucky Pharmacy, we believe in the power of community and the importance of mental and physical health. Our commitment to this cause is reflected in our services and outreach efforts. Whether you need a consultation or simply wish to discuss your health concerns, we are here for you. Our pharmacist is just a text away.

Contact Us:

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  • Email Us: [email protected]
  • Store Location: Kentucky Pharmacy at Harbor House, 2233 Lower Hunters Trace, Louisville, KY 40216

Health encompasses all aspects of life, including mental and physical wellness. At Kentucky Pharmacy, we care deeply about our community. We offer a wide range of products to assist you, as well as free consultations to support your health journey.

Join us in our mission to enhance the quality of life in our community. Together, we can make a difference. Let’s support events like “Breakfast for Brilliance” and work towards a safer, healthier future for all.

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