Services Provided at Kentucky Pharmacy

  1. Free Delivery: We offer convenient and complimentary delivery of your medications right to your doorstep.
  2. Medication Therapy Management Services: Our expert team provides comprehensive medication management to optimize therapeutic outcomes for patients.
  3. Immunizations: Stay protected with our range of essential immunizations for various health needs.
  4. Travel Immunizations: Get the necessary vaccinations for safe and healthy travel abroad.
  5. Auto Refill Service: Enjoy the convenience of automatic refills for your recurring prescriptions.
  6. Testing: We provide a variety of health tests to assist in maintaining your well-being.
  7. Over-The-Counter Products: A wide selection of over-the-counter health products is available for your everyday needs.
  8. Multilingual Services: Our team communicates in multiple languages to serve a diverse community effectively.
  9. Prescriptions Ready in 10 Minutes: With the option of pick-up or delivery, your prescriptions will be prepared promptly, usually within 10 minutes.