Celebrating Kentucky Pharmacy: A Testament to Community Support

Kentucky Pharmacy, a state-licensed pharmacy, is a beacon of compassionate and personal service. With easy access to pharmacists and free delivery, it stands out as a trusted healthcare provider in our community. Recently, we celebrated a significant milestone that reflects the overwhelming support from our community – our CEO, Vy Truong, was honored as the Most Admired Woman by Today Women Magazine on June 11, 2024.

This victory is not just an award; it is a testament to the love and support from Kentucky State and Louisville City. Hundreds of thousands voted for Vy Truong, carrying her to the winner’s position. This overwhelming support proves our community’s admiration for a leader who embodies compassion and dedication.

At Kentucky Pharmacy, we prioritize meeting the most crucial needs – providing personal medical service. Our commitment includes being just a text away from a pharmacist, offering free delivery to your door, and ensuring the most caring and personal service when you walk in to speak with our pharmacists.

This award is more than a recognition; it is evidence of the community’s trust and love for Kentucky Pharmacy. We are deeply grateful for this support, which validates our efforts to serve with love and care. We are committed to continuing to learn from each of you and to serve you in the most loving and compassionate way possible, under God’s guidance.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Today Women Magazine and their incredible team for organizing this event, which garnered nearly 100,000 votes from across the globe. This recognition highlights the dedication of families, friends, and supporters of all the nominees and winners, celebrating women who make a difference.

As a small business, we rely on the support we receive from our community. We are thankful and celebrate this achievement with immense gratitude. God bless Kentucky State, Louisville City, all women, especially mothers, and working mothers like our CEO Vy Truong. We look forward to your continued support and beyond.

Thank you for believing in us and allowing us to serve you. Together, we thrive and grow stronger.

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You are our family, where family supports family - Kentucky Pharmacy Health Within Reach - Care Within Heart
You are our family, where family supports family – Kentucky Pharmacy Health Within Reach – Care Within Heart